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The purpose of establishing the Research Center for the Legal Systems of Intellectual Property

The mission of the Waseda COE Program, led by Professor Tatsuo Uemura, is to establish a stable corporate legislation for Japan through the analysis of the existing problems of Western legislation. In order to pursue this mission the Research Center for the Legal Systems of Intellectual Property has formed a research organization to carry out various projects. Policy proposals are to be delivered through an independent, private third party, which will contribute to the sound development of IP legislation, currently under the dominant leadership of the Japanese government. In order to engage in policy-making discussion up front, it is essential to have academic policy proposals that are based on substantial research and analysis, in addition to having policy proposals that are simply verified by government bureaucrats. Our projects include the development of a global network of researchers and scholars and the design of a global database system for the resolution and judgment of IP disputes. Solving IP disputes is the motive and the means for the implementation of each project. Conducting empirical and philosophical research, tracing back to the fundamental structure of IP law, will help us to discuss IP legislation academically, independent of the changing trend of IP law. In order to make returns to the public, it is important to inform other universities and legal professions of this valuable knowledge, and to invite researchers from other universities and various organizations or associations to join our research group. Collaborating with faculty for educating IP professionals at Waseda law school is necessary. In accordance with the points mentioned thus far, our organization aims to take bold steps to implement policy proposals from an academic standpoint over the next five years of the COE project.


The Research Center for the Legal Systems of Intellectual Property has three major projects. The first is to develop an English database of IP dispute cases (precedents) in Asian regions including Japan. The project requires relations with scholars and practitioners in the respective Asian nations to collaborate on cases and translate them into English. Linking an English database with the existing IP database of the Western nations will facilitate the second project, which focuses on collaborating with researchers and practitioners globally, as well as developing younger researchers with IP expertise in Asia. To go along with the results of these two projects, a third project will deliver IP related policy proposals in an independent think tank. In this sense, three projects are conducted independently, but are connected very closely.

(2)The Research Center for Legal Systems of Intellectual Property
The center consists of internal and external members. Core (internal) members lead each project. There are ten core members: five instructors, one assistant, and four research assistants (RA). External members are expected to participate in each project as advisory staff. Currently six persons are working as external members. A monthly planning meeting is to be held for updates on the status of each project, to check progress, to examine new projects and so on.

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